The Email Marketing Process – When and How Many Times Should You broadcast?


It’s been a well-established that in the online marketing community that establishing creating email lists and a list of opt-in subscribers is the best way to make money online. The best marketers know this and work to grow the lists of their main job each day. For the aspiring marketer, there’s a big issue when it comes down to staying in touch to your list…How often do I need to send out broadcasts?

It can be like a form of spam. Particularly for a new marketer, you do not wish to pester your clients and the most important thing you’d like to avoid is for someone to unsubscribe from your list after spending many hours and effort in getting them signed on to your mailing list to begin with! Infrequently sending out emails doesn’t help strengthen the connection with your customer as email marketing is supposed to… Because the purpose of auto responders as well as broadcasts is to create the relationship you have with your customers, it is essential to send out regularly, but how frequently

Numerous tests and studies were conducted by the top marketers in the field time and time again, and the results of these tests are identical. It is recommended to email your list at a minimum once per day, at the same time each day. The reason for this is with the human nature of our behaviour. Humans are creatures of routine. As time passes, people are conditioned to anticipate, and more importantly, accept things when they see them happening each daily. Marketers want their customers to be used to receiving emails on a regular basis and to have as many people check their emails as is possible.

I’ve run tests on this subject and have looked at two very important aspects. 1. The loss of subscribers. 2 the % of complaints (most autoresponders will require you to keep your rates under.1 %.). I’ve noticed no difference between sending emails marketing messages daily at least twice per day and three times per day. So the people aren’t more angry at me for mailing them multiple messages per day than they do by me sending them one every day.

There is a limitation to this. Broadcast messages must adhere to quality standards and be relevant every time. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated when it comes to advertisements these days, which is why they spot the messages that are spamming them quickly.