How to Increase Facebook Likes


If you want to increase facebook likes, start by focusing on organic methods. This

means optimizing your page with eye-catching profile and cover photos that

showcase your brand or business.

Next, make sure to post your content at the right times. Tools such as Hootsuite

Analytics can help you identify when your audience is most active on Facebook.


  1. Boost Your Posts

One of the best ways to increase your facebook likes is by boosting your posts.

Boosting your post helps you reach more people and it’s also a great way to increase

engagement on your posts.

When deciding what posts to boost, choose the ones that have already received high

levels of engagement on your page. This will ensure that you’re getting the most out

of your ad budget.


Facebook recommends choosing a specific goal when boosting a post. This can be

anything from increasing your reach to engagement or even driving traffic to your


Another thing to consider is the audience type. You should always use a specific

target audience when boosting posts. You can create your own boosted audience

using Facebook insights or you can use a third-party tool such as Wishpond’s

Facebook Coupon App.


  1. Post When Your Audience Is Most Active

Facebook has an incredibly complex algorithm that decides what shows up in

people’s feeds. It takes many factors into consideration, including likes and other

interactions. It’s a black box that’s not open to the public, but you can find out more

about your audience in Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.


Understanding your audience is the first step to getting them to like your business’s

page. This will help you understand when to post and what type of content they are

most likely to engage with. It’s also important to be consistent in your posting

schedule, as people’s interest may wane when there are too many gaps between



  1. Add Your Facebook URL to Your Email


Adding your Facebook Page to your e-mail signature is a great way to get new likes.

To do this, follow the instructions for your email program. For example, if you use

Yahoo!, click here.


People who already know you and trust your brand are likely to like your Facebook

page, especially if they see it in their inboxes regularly. This is an important part of

building likes and relationships that can lead to business.

Providing valuable content is another great way to increase Facebook likes. For

example, a video of a live Q&A or product preview can engage your audience and

help them learn more about your company. It can also show off your products or

services in a unique way. You can even embed your videos on your website.


  1. Create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group is a great way to increase engagement with your

customers and leads. Once you’ve created your group, you can customize it with

features like pinned posts, polls, and badges. You can also link it to other pages,

customize your web address, and change your privacy settings.


One of the most important things to do is set clear expectations for your group. This

will help prevent members from posting spam or offensive content. You should also

create a list of admins and moderators to help you manage the group.

Finally, make sure that you invite your friends to join the group and ask them to

share it with their friends. This will help you get your group off the ground faster.


  1. Ask People to Like Your Page

If you have a website, consider adding an exit popup prompting visitors to like your

Facebook page. This is a great way to drive more likes from people already

interested in your business.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.

Another great way to get more Facebook likes is by posting high-value content. This

can be anything from how-to videos to live events. Live events are especially

engaging because people can ask questions in real-time. You can also use Facebook

Live to host a Q&A or give viewers a sneak preview of a new product.


Facebook is a huge platform with a massive potential audience. Getting more likes

can help you expand your reach and boost engagement on your posts. Follow the

tips above to see big results. Good luck!