From the WatchOS9 to the WatchOS10, What’s New with the Apple Watch?


It’s undeniable that the Apple Watch is a game-changer that has completely overturned conventional watches. Despite already having made history, the Apple Watch has not stopped offering new features to users proven by its preparation for a  major update from the WatchOS 9 to the WatchOS 10. Let’s have a look at what has changed for this upcoming version. 

7 Remarkable Upgrades in the Apple Watch OS 10

  1. A new look for the Smart Stack to better meet the needs of lifestyles

The Smart Stack in the Apple Watch OS 10 features a new watch face design, where it is a user-contextualized widget that displays each app’s information more easily and clearly. It also enables rotation of the Digital Crown directly from the watch face particularly for apps such as Maps, Messages, World Clock, Weather etc.

  1. Intelligent Smart Stack widgets with instant results

Stacking widgets is another change to the Apple Watch that encompasses the Smart Stack, where each app’s widget is instantly displayed and sorted in order of our usage activity. If you are someone who likes to look at the weather forecast in the morning, check your meeting timetable later on, or turn on a podcast during work, these widgets will be ordered according to these behaviors.

  1. Addition of new interactive watch faces

From the various watch faces to choose from to your heart’s content back in the Apple Watch OS 9 whether it be the astronomical dial or fun features such as switching the watch face, the Apple Watch OS 10 also has an addition of 2 new watch faces. This comprises the Palette watch face in the form of a multi-colored screen that changes color following the watch dial, and the Snoopy watch face that is not only cute in design but also interaction with changes in weather and time.

  1. Exercise, cycling and hiking

The Apple Watch OS 10 incorporates many fitness and health enhancements to improve its practicality. After the addition of a heart rate tracking feature, more detailed running measurements, and the swimming stroke detection in the Apple Watch OS 9, this version has additional features for hiking and cycling where it displays important information including heart zones, altitude and routes. It can also be used to estimate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for cyclists.

  1. Topographic maps

This is a feature that will please those that enjoy camping and hiking because the Apple Watch OS 10 automatically generates two new waypoints in the existing Compass app: the Last Cellular Connection Waypoint that estimates the last place with cellular reception, and the Last Emergency Call Waypoint to enable emergency calls or determine location even if there is no signal. It can also display height and slope information, or search for any interesting trail routes nearby.

  1. Mental Health

The Apple Watch OS 10 includes a meditation app that allows you to record your emotions and daily moods. This can be done by rotating the Digital Crown, and choosing the shape that best describes your mood that day where you are able to view more in-depth information in iOS17, including depression assessment or determining the level and risk of stress.

  1. Eye health

Spending more than 80-120 minutes outside per day can increase the risk of shortsightedness. As a result, the Apple Watch OS 10 has added a feature to measure the time spent outdoors via the ambient light sensor; convenient and suitable for all users, and parents that want to care for their children via the health app.

The Apple Watch’s upgrade from the Watch OS 9 to the Watch OS 10 does not end here, but also encompasses interesting features such as Namedrop which shares contact information just by bringing two Apple Watches close to one another, navigation apps, messaging, supporting group calls via FaceTime, or setting reminders to take medicine when it has exceeded the reminder time by 30 minutes. If you are interested in owning an Apple Watch, reserve one now at studio7 thailand.